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A Dragon Breeding Game!

Featured Beasties

Enter a realm of dreams.
A wonderous world of flying, fire-breathing ...

(and other mythical beasties)

Breed them, battle them, give them items and let
them play games suited to their unique stats.


Explore different locations on our World map.


Design, breed, predict and search
for dragons, beasts and monsters!


Battle your dragons, beasts and monsters! Win gold, coins, prizes and XP!


Visit shoppes for items, pets, toys, runes, tokens, talismans, amulets, scenery and much more!


Play Mini-Games.
Go on Adventures and Treasure Hunts.
Win gold, XP, items and achievement badges!


Meet and talk with other players on our online Chat and Forums!

Be sure to read The Chronicle and also, click on the tabs above to learn more about
The Dragon Empire!



Minor Patch Interruption - April 14th Evening - 2014-04-14 22:34:11

There will be a minor interruption of TDE Services while the Arena is expanded for the first monthly tournament in the evening. For more details check out the sneak peak: http://thedragonempire.com/forum/topics/view/arena-monthly-tournament

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CynoGriffon and Griffon Markings Updated - 2014-04-11 01:31:07

As previously noted, TDE has been working towards changing creature markings from .gif to .png in anticipation of a new feature which will allow players to create their own custom skins. Cynogriffon and Griffon markings have been updated. Markings will now have a smoother edging and that should be the only perceptible difference. Neither strengths, layering positions nor how the images are rendered have been changed.

Additionally, a new Chee-tah marking has been added for the Cynogriffons and Griffons (thanks to Jezebel [6]) for both creating the new marking and helping in the changes for all the other markings! :)

ShadeWyrm and I hope you enjoy the new look of the old markings and the new Cheetah marking! :D

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April Items! - 2014-03-31 17:51:20

A Hunting We Will Go!

And don't miss out on these special Easter items to be released on the 20th ONLY!

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Happy St Patricks Day! - 2014-03-16 23:25:54

Git yer shamrock 'eadban' and dun't miss oyt on dis lucky wee fella too!
Shure they can be foun' 'idin' in de St. Paddy's Shoppe for the wan day only!

And I'll be needin' ya to be wearin' the green too!
Wearin O' Da Green!

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Site Display Re-sizing - 2014-03-16 11:28:41

ShadeWyrm and I are working on re-sizing the game pages display today. Please bear with us as we make our changes! :)

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Tis A Bit-0-Blarney! - 2014-02-28 16:58:47

Tis A Bit-o-Blarney!

And on March 1st, check out our St. Patrick's Day Shoppe!

And don't forget to look for our Shamrock Headband available only on St. Patrick's Day!

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Chat Server - 2014-02-18 13:33:16

Chat server will be updated between Feb 19th to Feb 21st. This means it may be possible that access will be temporarily restricted during those dates since the server will be restarted several times with each restart taking between 10 to 40 minutes.

UPDATE: If you have issues accessing/loading your account, disable the chat through your profile as we cannot predict when the chat server will go down again.

* Click on Profile
* Click on Edit (bottom of the page)
* Uncheck the "Chat Enabled" box
* Click on Save

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Valentines Shop Now Open - 2014-02-13 23:33:31

Valentine's Day Shoppe is now OPEN!
Head over to the Bazaar!
Items are for sale for IDC, GN, or Valentines Day Candy Hearts!
There are even Monster Eggs from the Cupidalcoatl Incursion Event!

And don't forget to look for our little Be Mine Bunny Plush available only on Valentine's Day!

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A Long Time Coming To TDE - 2014-02-01 00:27:56

Ding-Ding-Ding! ... Check out the new "Creatures" menu button which now links to the Dragon Search, Design Centre, Gacha and Offspring Predict! The Gacha is also now in service!


Many have requested, many have wished for, and now it's HERE! Welcome our newest beastie to TDE ... the


We hope you all enjoy our newest addition! Be looking for more markings/mutations to be added in the future! :D

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A Loving Month! - 2014-01-29 23:36:41

Don't miss out on these February Events coming up! :D

The Cupidalcoatl Incursion

Love is in the air!

And a new fun feature to be unveiled!

The Dragon Gacha Machine

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What is the Dragon Empire? The Dragon Empire is a free to play online dragon breeding simulation game where players from around the world can breed mythical creatures while playing games, adventuring and simply even exploring with their Dragons and Beasts.

An Online Dragon Breeding Simulation Game


TDE can be played with any modern web browser. There is no offline mode and all aspects of the game are social requiring other players. While there is plenty of content for someone to play solo you'll have the best experience by making contact with others.

Breeding Simulation

A Breeding Simulation is a type of game where you raise, breed and sell creatures. The Dragon Empire is unique in it's carrying of traits from parents to children and RPG like elements such as stats used in mini-games you can play with the Dragons or Beasts.

What can you do in the Empire?

There are so many things you can do!

Breed Dragons and Mythical Beasts
Decorate and Equip your Dragons and Beasts with Items, Pets, Backgrounds and more
Interact With and Play Games With Your Dragons
Go on Adventures With Your Dragon
Hunt for Treasure
Join Contests and Win Prizes
Battle Other Dragons and Beasts
...and much much more!

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